19th December 2022

What is Saphala Ekadasi ?


Saphala Ekadasi occurs during the dark fortnight (Krishna-Paksha) of the month of Pausa (December-January). There is no better Ekadasi than this, because it awards liberation so easily.


Anyone who properly observes this glorious Saphala Ekadasi - even unknowingly, will become famous in this world. He will become perfectly liberated at death and return to the spiritual abode of Vaikuntha.

Hence, Saphala Ekadasi offers an opportunity to connect, to embrace the presence of Lord Sri Krishna and to engage in his unalloyed devotional services.

Devotional Activities to be performed on Ekadasi ?

  • Offering Fruits, Flowers and Delicious bhoga to the Lord.
  • Studying Srimad Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-gita, and Krishna Book.
  • Observing Fast .
  • Offering Fruits, Flowers and Delicious bhoga to the Lord.
  • Giving in Charity

What are  Seva Opportunities on Ekadasi?

Ekadasi offers many service opportunities to serve the Lordships through various personal services to the Lord like Shringar Seva, Rajbhoga Arati, Flower decoration, Devotee prasadam, etc. 


Sponsor Mangal Arati - Rs. 1,001

Sponsor Fruits Bhoga - Rs. 1,001

Sponsor Flowers - Rs. 1,501

Sponsor Rajbhoga Arati- Rs. 2,001

Sponsor Gaur Arati - Rs. 2,001

Sponsor Shringar Seva - Rs. 7,500

Sponsor for Devotee Prasadam - Rs. 11,000

Sponsor all Services for a day - Rs. 25,000

Sponsor Annadaan

Sponsor Vidyadaan

Donate any amount for Deity Seva