(03-04 October 2020)

Quiz Result

1st Position -      Neeraj Kumar Vijayvergiya

2nd Position -    Sakshi Pama

3rd Position -    Abhishek Menon

                           Kajal Bhandari

4th Position -     Manya Gor

5th Position -     Sampreeti Acharjya

                           Tahikar Nihal Tulsiram

6th Position -     Chetan Turukmane

7th Position -     Ashish Vamsi Ramisetty

                           Siddharth Choksi

                           Shubham Gill

8th Position -     Komal Bhandari

9th Position -     Chanakya Choksi

10th Position -    Hiren Sojitra

Congratulations to all the Winners and Participants!!!

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